AI Design Tutorial

Bot AI for a Single Player First-Person Shooter

This is one of many possible schemes for the AI of an enemy NPC in a first-person shooter game.  As written, it should (disclaimer: have not coded it yet) be fairly straightforward to translate it to a UE4 blackboard, behavior tree, and tasks, services, and decorators.


Setting Up a First-Person Character in Unreal Engine 4: Part III: Adding First-Person Arms


A first-person shooter (like Robot Dynamite) needs a first-person character.  In contrast to a full third-person humanoid character, all the player can see is the gun and the first-person arms mesh.  However, if it is a multiplayer game, or even a single player game in which one can look in a mirror or a closed-circuit video, the full third-person mesh is visible.


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Robot Dynamite


A classic single-player First Person Shooter made in Unreal Engine 4.