Fragmented Blocks…In Space!

Play in browser for free here!

Objective: use the paddle to bounce the ball to knock all the blocks away, but do not let the ball fall below the paddle!


Launch ball and start level: left mouse click
Nudge ball faster (when ball touches paddle): left mouse click
Move paddle: move mouse left and right (mouse cursor should be within game window)


Infiltration Fleet (space shooter)

Infiltration Fleet is a top-down 2d classic arcade-style space shooter.

Play in browser for free here!

WASD or arrow keys to move ship around

Space Bar or Right Mouse Button to fire

Try to wipe out the infiltration fleet without getting hit by missiles.

Source code:

  • Dynamic top-down space shooter (2D arcade)
  • Sprites for enemy ships, player ship, missiles, background with stars and nebulas
  • Horizontal and vertical movement for the player, and rapid fire.
  • Enemy ships come in waves, following paths through waypoints, and shoot at player.
  • Particle effects for explosions, scrolling background stars, etc.
  • Sound effects.
  • Attract mode and game over screens
  • Background music player
  • Score and high score lists

This is the course project for a Udemy game making course: Complete C# Unity Developer 2D: Learn to Code Making Games available from which has units for other games as well: block breaker, a text adventure game, a 2d tower defense game aimed at the mobile platform,  and a tile-based side-scrolling platformer.  There are other courses available as well.  Sales happen often–it pays to wait for a sale and get a good price.

The source code is provided for the benefit of the readers, who may adapt it for their own use or study it for understanding.

Time Flyer

Play in browser for free here!

A 2D arcade-style top-down space shooter

Made in Unity Engine 2019.3.13f1 personal, play in browser (WebGL)

Movement: WASD for movement and arrow keys for turning. Space bar to fire.

Source Code:

MIT license. Some assets are CC-Attribution though most are CC-0. See notes in source code.

Conway’s Game of Life


Play in browser for free here:

— To get started, hit the AutoPopulate button (right side) a few times (or right-click to toggle cells individually).

— Click Play (left side) to begin evolving, or space bar to toggle play/stop.

— Mouse wheel zooms in and out; Autozoom button on left zooms to show all content.

— Left-drag to pan

Take screenshots, save, load, speed up, slow down, stop, resume, advance one frame, undo (only one level of undo in this version) using buttons.


Laser Defender!

Play in browser (desktop) here:



Alien invaders arcade game, rebuilt from the ground up!

Remember when Space Invaders was all the rage? When you lose because you shot at where the alien was instead of where he was going to be? See how many points you can rack up shooting animated formations of alien ships relentlessly flying in to attack.


  • High score saving

  • Animations, sounds, music, moving space background

  • keyboard control (left and right arrows or A and D to move, spacebar or Ctrl or mouse to fire, Alt or right mouse for alt-fire). Should work with gamepads too.

  • Infinite number of enemies (a formation of up to 9 on the screen at any one time, new ones fly in when you wipe out the formation)

This is a class project from the Udemy Unity course

Newly updated features:

  • options menu to adjust music and SFX volume

  • ability to pause game, quit game or change options in game

  • 3 plays for a “quarter”

  • more ship types, improved animations, two firing modes, more effects

Pin and Gutter

Play in browser (desktop) here:

Choose from four spacey music themes and then three planet-like balls to begin the game.

Use the mouse to swipe the “vector” for the roll, and hope the space ball doesn’t fall into the space gutter and cause the space audience to laugh at you…in space.

Receive applause for strikes and spares. Hear a turkey when you roll a turkey. Think you can roll a perfect game? The author has not done so yet….


Play in Browser (desktop):


New, improved Version 1.0

Bust a brick or 50

I always liked Buster, the human-analog “crash test dummy” used on
Mythbusters for various myth tests. But we are not here to bust myths
today, just bricks.

Remember the Golden Age of the Arcade, around the 1980s or so? It was
a pacman-eat-dot industry, where a game that didn’t earn a quarter
every three minutes got removed and replaced. So, the games were built
to have lights and sounds to attract the player, and then to challenge
the player enough that he’s likely to lose the game…fast. Still,
from time to time, a player would do really well and get on the high
score list and then type a swearword for his initials or something.

Buster! is of this type. You cannot blink or you lose! Can you play a
full three minutes? At least you don’t have to keep feeding it

This game was a class project for the Udemy course at


The new (November 2016) Version 1.0 has the following features:

  • Destroy bricks in a puff of colored smoke

  • 19 handcrafted levels

  • 25 backgrounds (bricky-blocky themes are: city, lego, and urban ruins)

  • 20 songs for background music

  • Levels/backgrounds/songs cycle for neverending play

  • Levels ordered according to how long autoplay took to finish them
    (75th percentile times).

  • 15 colors of bricks, four types (1 hit, 2 hit, 3 hit, and unbreakable)

  • Options menu to change music volume, sound effects volume, and to
    switch between mouse and keyboard mode. (mouse mode recommended;
    should also work with game controller). Options
    saved between runs.

  • Use fire/jump/mouse button or space bar to nudge ball during play

  • Scales to many screen sizes and aspect ratios

  • Sound effects

  • High score is saved

  • Bonus points for clearing a level fast

  • 3 plays per “quarter”, additional bonus plays at various score
    levels, starting with 10,000 points.

  • See development progress at…

To play:

Use Options menu to adjust music and SFX volumes and to use mouse
versus keyboard (mouse is strongly recommended).


move mouse pointer to set left-right position of paddle. Click
to launch ball and, during play, to nudge the ball.


Use the “mouse” mode. axis moves paddle, fire button for launch or nudge.


  • move paddle left: A or left arrow
  • move paddle right: D or right arrow
  • launch or nudge: space bar or left ctrl
  • move paddle faster or slower: hold down alt or shift

Space Rocks

Play in Browser (desktop):

Classic arcade action! Power your ship through a field of rocky space debris and shoot them first into smaller chunks and then into oblivion to score.


Visual and audio effects


Gamepad or Keyboard

High Score saving

Options screen

Use arrows or WASD or gamepad stick to play, vertical for acce
leration and horizontal for rotation. Fire button, left mouse button, or left Ctrl key to fire.