Infiltration Fleet (space shooter)

Infiltration Fleet is a top-down 2d classic arcade-style space shooter.

Play in browser for free here!

WASD or arrow keys to move ship around

Space Bar or Right Mouse Button to fire

Try to wipe out the infiltration fleet without getting hit by missiles.

Source code:

  • Dynamic top-down space shooter (2D arcade)
  • Sprites for enemy ships, player ship, missiles, background with stars and nebulas
  • Horizontal and vertical movement for the player, and rapid fire.
  • Enemy ships come in waves, following paths through waypoints, and shoot at player.
  • Particle effects for explosions, scrolling background stars, etc.
  • Sound effects.
  • Attract mode and game over screens
  • Background music player
  • Score and high score lists

This is the course project for a Udemy game making course: Complete C# Unity Developer 2D: Learn to Code Making Games available from which has units for other games as well: block breaker, a text adventure game, a 2d tower defense game aimed at the mobile platform,  and a tile-based side-scrolling platformer.  There are other courses available as well.  Sales happen often–it pays to wait for a sale and get a good price.

The source code is provided for the benefit of the readers, who may adapt it for their own use or study it for understanding.

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