What We Do

Deplorable Mountaineer makes computer software, especially games. This includes game software, but also game assets and frameworks for other game developers to use. We also provide (generally, free) literature for the game developer. Deplorable Mountaineer values Quality, Integrity, Innovation, and Fun, with an emphasis on Fun!


Deplorable Mountaineer provides online support, and access to game software, assets, and frameworks. We sell on third-party marketplace sites as well. The first minor product is a set of Unreal Engine 4 material shaders offered to game developers on Epic’s Marketplace web site. The first major product is to be a complete framework for a classic first-person shooter game, for use by developers of all skill levels, in the style of Quake, Doom, the original Unreal, Duke Nukem 3D, and so on.

Our Place in the Market

The game software industry is still growing and changing. In particular, there is a definite trend from major game development companies to “indie” developers, and from expensive games to cheap, or even free, games. Deplorable Mountaineer intends to serve indie developers, both hobbyists and those intending to make a living at making games. In addition, Deplorable Mountaineer will offer high quality, inexpensive games (with development kits available to the developers, possibly for an additional fee).

The Owner

Currently, Deplorable Mountaineer is a sole proprietorship. Todd D. Vance, the owner, has a Ph. D. in Mathematics from University of Virginia. He has 20 years experience in mathematics research, software development, and data science with the federal government.