Classic Single Player FPS Game Framework

Build your own FPS

Remember Doom and Duke Nukem 3D and other classic genre-defining first-person shooters (FPS)? After playing the game, you could use their level editors and make more games.

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Download Documentation: One Drive

Since that time, game engines have become more sophisticated and harder to use! Can we have the best of both worlds? A modern, high-quality game engine but with the framework already in place to make Classic Single-Player FPS games? Now you can!

Build your own classic single-player games with a modern game engine! Rapidly prototype your classic first-person shooter with this framework. Over a man-year of work has already been done so you don’t have to. Get an original FPS game up and running, fast! This is perfect for a game jam.

Written completely with documented Blueprints so you can extend and modify it. Even with no or minimal additional Blueprint writing, gives you what you need to walk in the footsteps of classic 3d games, except for game-specific artwork. You can also study the Blueprints to learn gameplay programming techniques!

Tutorials with sample solutions provided to get you started. A 90+ page manual gives an extensive reference. Hours of videos of building an Epic Game Jam game with (a beta version of) this framework are here:

Sample FPS Maps (Levels, Scenes) Included


The title level, the first level by default on entering the game.  Shows a title screen and on a keypress or mouse click, opens the main menu.

Maps Demos


A credits crawler map, already set up.


A sample move map that shows a movie.  Which movie is shown is specified in the level blueprint.  This is useful for cutscenes.


An overview map showing all kinds of things that can be done with this framework.


Similar to Overview_Day, but with a night sky and city vista.

Maps Episode_01


Credits crawler for the end of Episode 1


Demos the Doom door, drone enemies, conveyor belts, spawner and oubliette, and lift.


Demos a complex level with AI bots navigating a navmesh, as well as pickups and pickup spawners, physics objects, explodable objects, the trampoline, a simple water volume, the monitor/security camera, placeable mines, jumping and crouching to get to specific locations.


Demos a simple level with AI bots, and the marquis asset, as well as the end-of-level volume.

Maps Episode_02


Credits crawler for episode 2


Demos effects from falling.


Demos architectural and residential assets, and lockable doors, switchable lights (made to malfunction by shooting), and (destroy by shooting) mirrors, as well as jetpacks.


Demos rideable trains and trains pulling cars, using waypoints for navigation, a stoplight to prevent collisions, and stopping at the subway platform.


Demos the driveable car and AI-controlled cars following waypoints on a track and stopping to avoid colliding with each other.   Also demos flowing water, lava, and slime volumes, and the snow maker volume.

Technical Details


  • 1500+ assets!
  • 100% Blueprint
  • Pickups and spawners for health, armor, ammo, keys, invisibility, NVG, power boost, jetpack
  • 5 character AI enemies and a drone enemy, turret enemy
  • Driveable and path-following vehicles
  • Advanced Finite State Machine provides lockable doors, triggerable explosion and effects, switchable lights, lifts, switches, boolean logic gates, monitor/camera combo.
  • Secret areas, in-game hints, earthquake, stair/fence builder, conveyor belt/flowing water
  • Barrels and crates, jump pads, teleporters, clock, and other props
  • Menu system: title menu, pause menu, save game, restore game, config controls, config player, audio/video config, and episodes menu
  • Game HUD with text messages and minimap
  • Cutscene/movie and credits crawler levels
  • Sample music (13), demo levels (10 playable), 100+ materials, 50+ sounds, 100+ meshes, 200+ Blueprints, 500+ textures, 40+ particle systems
  • 90+ page manual on One Drive and videos of making games with beta version of the framework

Number of Blueprints: 257

Input: keyboard/mouse or Gamepad

Network Replicated: No

Supported Development Platforms: Windows 64 bit

Supported Target Build Platforms: Windows 64 bit

FPS sample from Classic Single Player FPS Game FrameworkFPS demo from Classic Single Player FPS Game Framework