Deplorable Mountaineer

Deplorable Mountaineer makes computer software, especially games. This includes game software, but also assets and frameworks for other game developers to use. We also provide (generally, free) game literature for the game developer. Deplorable Mountaineer values Quality, Integrity, Innovation, and Fun, with an emphasis on Fun!

See the portfolio here: Portfolio

The flagship product of Deplorable Mountaineer is:

Classic Single Player FPS Game Framework

a game development framework for Unreal Engine 4.

Game framework screenshotThis allows the creator to create an instant prototype of a classic Doom-style first-person shooter (updated for a modern game engine), and with more work, a complete game.  To explore features, you can check out the full documentation for free on One Drive.

Other Products

In addition are other asset packs for sale on Epic Marketplace, specifically materials packs for Unreal Engine 4.

Parametrized Plastics Materials Pack

There are also free games available, for download for Windows 10 64 bit or play-in-browser (desktop only, Web-GL), advertisement-free, and many with available source code


In addition to documentation for specific products, Deplorable Mountaineer has made available other documentation of interest to programmers, designers, and others, much of which can be found here.

Also, be sure to check out the links the Deplorable Mountaineer finds useful.

Character Movement Blueprint

The Future

Deplorable Mountaineer is continually working on more products.  The future could include more assets for Unity or Unreal Engine, and more games.

The Owner

Deplorable Mountaineer is is a sole proprietorship in Moorefield, West Virginia owned by Todd D. Vance.  Todd has a PhD in Mathematics (the thesis topic was Error Correcting Codes) from University of Virginia, and has had 20 years of experience in the federal government doing mathematics and computer science research, software development, and data science.