Chess Game Pawn Deplorable Mountaineer makes computer software, especially games. This includes game software, but also assets and frameworks for other gamedevs to use. We also provide (generally, free) game literature for the gamedev. Deplorable Mountaineer values Quality, Integrity, Innovation, and Fun, with an emphasis on Fun! …(more)

Our Games and Game Assets

Scroll down to see the portfolio of released games and assets, as well as work in progress.  Or, click the “Portfolio” or “Work in Progress” menu items above.  The Portfolio page shows where you can download (often for free) or purchase an item.  The Work in Progress page has videos of unreleased products, currently at the concept level (that is, the final version may be different).  It contains two of Deplorable Mountaineer’s submissions to Epic GameJams.

Featured Asset

Game Development Documentation

Click “Documentation” in the menu above for howtos and tutorials on game development.  Especially see the Rat Race book–yes, an entire book free for downloading, on how to make a classic 2D arcade maze chase video game in Unity 3d.


The Purchase menu item above goes to links to marketplaces where Deplorable Mountaineer merchandise can be bought (or downloaded for free).  This includes the Epic Unreal Engine 4 marketplace and the Itch.io download site.


Deplorable Mountaineer provides online documentation and creates game software, assets, and frameworks. We sell on third-party marketplace sites as well. Currently, there are some free prototype games on itch.io and pay game assets in the Epic Marketplace. Soon there will be game assets on Unity Marketplace as well.

Our Place in the Market

The game software industry is still growing and changing. In particular, there is a definite trend from major game development companies to “indie” developers, and from expensive games to cheap, or even free, games. Deplorable Mountaineer intends to serve indie developers, both hobbyists and those intending to make a living at making games. In addition, Deplorable Mountaineer will offer high quality, inexpensive games (with development kits available to the developers, possibly for an additional fee).

The Owner

Currently, Deplorable Mountaineer is a sole proprietorship. Todd D. Vance, the owner, has a Ph. D. in Mathematics from University of Virginia. He has 20 years experience in mathematics research, software development, and data science with the federal government. He has also made games as a hobby since high school starting with the Commodore Vic 20.


Space Rocks opening screen, with asteroids and menu

Space Rocks

Classic arcade action! Power your ship through a field of rocky space debris and shoot them!

Buster! screenshot, a jagged row of bricks, the paddle, a ball in play, and a photo of Baltimore in the background


Bust a brick or 50.

Bowling ball at the head of the lane, ready to be rolled toward the pins

Pin and Gutter

Bowling…in space!

Conway's game of life screenshot, a few living cells and the crosshair cursor

John Horton Conway’s Game Of Life

A mini-game, unlike Rome, built in a day.

Screenshot from Laser Defender, the player ship shooting at and dodging missiles from two enemy ships

Laser Defender!

Shoot the relentlessly-attacking alien ships

Screenshot from Twisty Passages, in an elevator descending toward the lava pit

Twisty Passages

You are a spelunker who fell through a rock chimney into a dark cave…

A cube made of 27 smaller cubes labeled with "Mercurial Cube"

Mercurial Cube

Find your way to the center!

Overview of 170 metal material assets for Unreal Engine 4

Parametrized Metals Materials Pack for Unreal Engine 4

Metals: painted, worn, dirty, corroded. 170 parametrized metals and instructions for making more!

Parametrized Plastics Materials Pack for Unreal Engine 4

Purchase here: https://www.unrealengine.com/marketplace/parametrized-plastics-materials-pack Download documentation: https://1drv.ms/b/s!Ar9oADZiQciZjgQfU-r6ffQ6Mcz2 Description This materials pack provides 240 material instances, all parametrized from the same base material. This allows easy customization and creation of new materials. Included are 24 plastic colors and 10 plastic varieties per color, for a total of 240. The colors are black, blue, navy blue, sky blue, …