Ping from the Past

Free download for Windows 10 64 bit here!

Relive the days when you were excited about playing tennis on your TV set! 0, 1, or 2 players.


Left Player:

W or A: move up

S or D: move down

Right Player:

Up or Left: move up

Down or Right: move down

Pause/Resume (and show settings menu/instructions): ESC

Serve: use movement keys

When the game is run, a menu appears. Set the volume, and optionally set either the left or right player (or both!) to be autoplay. Then click Resume, or just hit ESC, to begin the game. If the paddle that is serving is autoplay, it will serve in 3 seconds. Otherwise, just move the paddle to serve. Ball speeds up over time. Hit ESC any time to reread instructions or change settings. You can also quit from this menu.

Play till either the left or right player gets 10 points and wins the game! Then hit any key (except ESC) to start a new game.

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