Marketplace Asset Content for UE4 by Deplorable Mountaineer

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The Unreal Engine 4 Marketplace by Epic is an e-commerce platform. Content creators connect with developers using Unreal Engine 4 by providing a wealth of game-ready content and code.

The Deplorable Mountaineer store provides Unreal Engine 4 assets for game makers. The first low-cost asset sold here is a metal materials pack.  In addition there are plastics and glasses packs.

The flagship product is the Classic Single-Player FPS Game Framework, over one man-year of work that you do not have to do.

In addition, there are free-to-play games on

At a later time, there may be assets added to Unity’s Asset Store.  A link to Deplorable Mountaineer’s page there will be provideded when that happens.  Meanwhile, the main link to the asset store is

See the complete portfolio here.