Classic Single-Player FPS Game Framework for Unreal Engine 4

Classic single-player first-person shooter project template for Unreal Engine 4 in the style of the original Doom, Unreal, Quake, and so on.

Build your own classic single-player FPS. The framework is here! Features to be determined but will likely include what you expect and some extras common in some modern games: choice of weapons (hitscan, projectile, melee), ammo and weapon pickups, powerup pickups, shielding, health, a pickup spawner base, the ability to operate objects, pick up and throw objects, first person and third-person-behind-view perspectives, zooming, doors, switches, operatable lights, secret areas, stats display at end of level, saving and reloading games, menus to customize keyboard/mouse/game controller, destructable objects, underwater volumes, pain volumes, slime/lava, falling damage, double-jumping and dodging movements, HUD and multiple crosshairs that change color when over an enemy or an operatable object, ability to drop or toss weapons and some powerups, dead enemies spawn ammo or weapons or powerups, barrels and crates, exploding barrels and crates, moveable barrels and crates, barrels and crates that spawn something when destroyed, and of course, barrels and crates! And lots more.

The video shows a prototype earthquake effect. That is a swimming pool in the background the character can dive into. That door in the little building is lockable and needs a keycard to open.