Parametrized Metals Materials Pack for Unreal Engine 4

Metals: painted, worn, dirty, corroded. 170 parametrized metals and instructions for making more!

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Download documentation:!Ar9oADZiQciZjXeG-q57yM3G2wgp?e=MtCOjl


This materials pack provides 170 material instances, all parametrized from the same base material. This allows easy customization and creation of new materials.

Included are 17 metal types and 21 paint colors, with variations brushed, corroded, dull, dirty, worn, polished, and scratched, as well as 10 patterned materials (such as diamond plate or grate).

Technical Details


  • Derived from a single base material
  • Diffuse, normal, detail normal, macro variation and dirt map
  • 21-page PDF documentation manual
  • 17 metal types
  • 21 paint colors
  • brushed, corroded, dull, dirty, worn, polished, scratched
  • 10 patterned metal materials
  • Easy to customize

Texture Resolutions:

  • All textures are 1024 by 1024.

Number of Materials: 174

Do Materials derive from a Master Material with instances as variation: Yes

Number of Textures: 28

Supported Development Platforms: Desktop

Supported Target Build Platforms: Desktop


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